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We have helped establish the first step in people's careers from all across the globe.

Image by Matt Antonioli


"I used Recolter Consulting for my placement year, they have got me a placement to begin in September in Business Management. Super quick service! I highly recommend."

United Kingdom

Taj Mahal


"I highly recommend Recolter Consulting for Overseas Placements. They responded to all my queries on time and helped me find the best suitable placement for me. Thank you guys."


London Taxi


"Very attentive and has sent over different applicants for the intern position. I have been very impressed so far by the way they conduct their business."

United Kingdom

London City


"Super quick, super slick. I highly recommend!"

United Kingdom

Rainy Day


"I signed up for the Remote Internship program at Recolter Consulting. I was very pleased with their service, I worked in a management role at a UK company, and had a great experience! I have also applied for their placement program in the UK for autumn."


Couple of Kangaroos


"I have used Recolter for my University Application Pack: Excellent services. I have gotten into my dreams Uni's! Kings College London, University of Auckland and University of Melbourne. Cannot thank them enough!"


Brooklyn Bridge


"I have graduated from Brunel University UK. They helped get a placement in a Business Management role. I have used them twice - once during my studies, and once after. Got rid of the biggest headache of finding and applying for placements... thank you for your support guys."

United States

Image by Eva Dang


"Recolter Consulting was helpful in providing assistance with placements."

United Kingdom

Image by Sabrina Mazzeo


"They helped me obtain a year in industry. Great value, service like no other."

United Kingdom

Image by Debashis Biswas


"I cannot recommend Recolter enough. I was very stuck after graduation and they help me get placed for a year!! Excellent service like no other!"


Image by Angela Compagnone


"Recolter Consulting has been extremely helpful in helping me obtain a successful placement. They have guided me throughout every step. Couldn't be more happy with my experience."

United Kingdom

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