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At Recolter Consulting we source the highest quality of diversified candidates for our partner companies. Our candidates have a minimum of a Bachelor degree, previous industry-specific experience, excellent Commercial awareness along with bilingual abilities. Their main goal remains to obtain work experience to enhance their professional growth with placements.  

Initial Evaluation

We thoroughly understand the needs of your company and the type of employee skill set you are looking for at your organisation. 

Matching Process

Our team closely match the background of Interns with the desired skillset at your company. , We then send you the CV to review and schedule an interview. 

Interview & Hiring

Once you are happy with the candidate and are ready to begin, we will help out with all required due diligence; and get the intern ready to start the placement.

What type of Candidates do we           source?                                           

What type of Candidates do we Source?

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Career Motiviated

Our candidate's goal remains to add value to their career. We ensure to guide them and provide a smooth transition into the real working world. We do this by providing key commercial awareness and problem-solving tools to help navigate. 

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Globally Experienced

Our candidates have global experience from some of the most challenging organisations and roles. They have the skill set that is both diverse and adaptable, along with teamworking and leadership abilities. 

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Dual Degrees & Bilingual

All our candidates are either studying or graduated from a Bachelors degree. Most candidates also have a Masters level qualification & are fluent in English and other foreign languages.

Our Selection Process

We receive more than 10,000 candidates profiles every year from a diverse and international cohort. Our promise is to source and provide the highest quality of individuals to match your companies needs. All candidates undergo an intensive interview process with our team before we send you their CV.  

Step 1

Motivation Analysis

Our first step is to understand a candidates background, skillset, and motivation for the industry they wish to work in. We ensure all candidates interest and professional ability are aligned to perform the most challenging tasks with our partner companies.

Step 2

Skills & Background

Our second step is to test our candidate's real-world application of the skill sets described in their CV. We carry out an internal examination to ensure their language and technical industry-specific abilities are accurate to the description provided. 

Step 3

Practical Application​

We ensure to test all candidates in topics that examine their real-world knowledge of the industry they are aiming to join. We identify and polish their weaker skills, making our candidates commercially aware problem solvers.  

We have worked with a diversified portfolio of companies ranging from Small to Large in the United Kingdom & Hong Kong

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Discover Candidates

Our Team will thoroughly understand the needs and skill set required for a candidate to fit in at your firm. We will analyse and match you with the most suitable candidate to meet your needs. 

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 Employment Assistance

We are there to help you every step of the way, from an employment contract to intern training plans, we provide full support regardless of your experience with hiring.

"The team were super-efficient. I would highly recommend them."

- Mona Hayat

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With leading candidates in all industries, we can help secure you a candidate in any field.



Ready to find out more?

If you are excited from what you are reading and are ready to take the next step for your company, then get in touch with our team, and let us help you expand. 

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